Important information for new parents


Here we’ve set out the main points of interest and concern which parents have when their child starts school.

We hope you’ll find it useful and that it helps both you and your child to settle into school life here in Mahoonagh N.S.. We all hope that your child’s first experience of our school will be positive and that it lays a good foundation for many happy years ahead.



The enrolment forms for all new students who wish to attend Mahoonagh NS for the upcoming new school year from the administration office.


Morning supervision starts at 9.10am while school starts at 9.20am. All pupils are to be dropped off outside the hall in the school drop off area and come through the side gate. The front of the school is reserved for school buses.
Morning break: 11.00 am – 11.10 am
Lunch break: 12.30- 1.00 pm
Hometime: Junior and Senior Infants finish at 2 pm. 1st- 6th classes finish at 3 pm. Pupils walking home up the village or going home in a bus exit to the front of the school and all other pupils exit through the side gate to the drop off area.


School uniform for all pupils from junior infants to sixth is navy jumper/cardigan, grey trousers/skirt/penifore, navy tie, light blue shirt, navy socks/tights and dark shoes. During this time school tracksuit and runners to be worn on P.E. days only. This is worn as the main uniform up to halloween and after easter. From halloween to easter pupils are aloud wear their school tracksuit as their main uniform which is a navy tracksuit with school crest, light blue polo t-shirt and runners.


Roll call is at 10am each morning.
If your child is going to be late for any reason, please let the class teacher know in advance or leave a message with the admin office where possible.

It's important that children are punctual in the mornings and collected on time.


Regular attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. Understandably children do get sick from time to time.

In accordance to the Welfare Educational Welfare Act, the school has a duty to report any child who has missed 20 days or more in one academic year. The Principal has no discretion in this.

Parents/ Guardians are obliged by law to provide a written explanation for their child’s absence.


It is important not to send a sick or infectious child to school as there are vulnerable children and adults in the school who are at risk from exposure.

When the Class Teacher or Principal feels that a child is not well enough to be in school, either as a result of becoming sick or following an incident the parents/guardians will be contacted immediately. It is school policy to report all head bangs.


Parent Teacher Meetings occur once a year in November or December.
However, if you wish to meet with a Class Teacher, an appointment can be made through the office, or by written request.


Head lice are frequent visitors in all schools so please check your child’s hair regularly.

If there is an outbreak of head lice in a classroom, the Teacher will distribute a note to all pupils requesting their head be checked and/or treated.


Please inform the school about any medical conditions your child has.


Children are encouraged to walk to school or families to carpool or take the school bus.

Please supply your child with a lunch box and avoid wrappers where possible. If children have wrappers they will be asked to take them home. Compost bins are provided for fruit waste.


We operate a Healthy Eating Policy.
See here for more information.

Example of healthy foods allowed:


* Water
* Milk
* Juice (unsweetened)
* Sandwich/ bread roll etc.
* Fruit
* Crackers
* Vegetables e.g. carrot sticks
* Cheese
* Popcorn
* Rice cakes



Foods not allowed:


* Fizzy drinks
* Crisps
* Chewing gum
* Cakes/ Sweet pastries
* Sweets
* Nutella/ Chocolate spread/ Peanut butter



Friday is treat day. Children are allowed to bring one small treat with them on these days.


Foods allowed on Friday as a treat:


* Small packet of sweets
* Chocolate bar
* Slice of cake/ cup cake/muffin

We welcome you to Mahoonagh National School

Principal Yvonne Condron


Mahoonagh N.S. is a Roman Catholic Primary School in the village of Castlemahon, situated 5 minutes from the busy town of Newcastle West.

(069) 72332
Castlemahon, Co. Limerick    


Mahoonagh NS participates in the following national school programmes.

National Behaviour Support Service

Active School

The Incredible Years

Cumann na mBunscol

Green School

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