Dell Vex Robotics 2019 IQ Challenge

Dell Vex Robotics 2019 IQ Challenge

Dell Vex Robotics 2019 IQ Challenge

5th and 6th class pupils recently took part in and achieved great success in the Dell Vex Robotics 2019 IQ Challenge. Since last October, 5th & 6th Class pupils worked hard on building a robot to compete in various challenges and also entered into the STEM Research Project Competition element of the Robotics Programme. On February 5th, Mahoonagh NS won the STEM Research Project Award at the Mid West Regional Finals Day at the Dell Campus in Limerick. There were jubilant scenes when our school name was called out as winners of this very prestigious award. Our STEM Research Project explored the issue of adequate yard space in Primary Schools under the guiding theme of ‘Maths in everyday life’. However, there was more to come! After adding up the total scores from all the different areas on which schools were marked, including the Robot Challenges, the judges announced the five teams from the Mid-West Region who had made it to the National Finals in Cork on Valentines Day. There was huge excitement when Mahoonagh NS were among the top five and great celebrations followed! At the National Finals last Thursday, Mahoonagh NS pupils had a superb day competing and finished in the top twelve teams in the whole country. So many new skills learned and so much enjoyment and fun has been had since last October!


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